Please email, including the following details:

  • the name of your business;

  • your website address;

  • where you are based;

  • your logo (.jpeg or .png format, please);

  • a brief outline of your personal and professional eco-credentials*;

  • and why not join our Facebook group, too? .

As we're a new venture, all we currently ask in return for your agreed listing is that you place one of our lovely Member Badge on your website, with a click through link to, ideally within 28 days of your listing going live**. We definitely won't object to any social media shout outs (using @sustainableweddingmovement for FB and Instagram), either!

* It's difficult to have hard and fast criteria as the industry is so diverse, so please understand that we reserve the right to not accept every application if the credentials don't quite stack up.

** You will be notified of any changes to these terms by email, with a minimum of 28 days before they take effect.

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